Never before has a solution like this been imagined, and it is a game changer for
Southern New Mexico pets. “FixNChip"  is an unprecedented effort to help keep dogs and cats healthy, happy and in their homes and out of the shelter system. Saving the lives of those cast away by their owners is fulfilling. Transporting them to safety is rewarding.  But, the terrible truth is the shelters are overflowing with great pets that will never be saved, because there are just TOO MANY.

The only way to get ahead of the horror of throw away pets is to make change in animal welfare policies and provide  sustainable access to affordable spay-neuter-microchip services and engage the community in education of compassionate animal welfare.  

We take a multi-prong approach by developing branded programs for PAWSitive solutions.  


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Microchip & Registration

 Humanly Ending "Accidents" 

 Off to Begin New Lives 

© 2023 by FixNChip.Org a PAWject of Uncaged Paws, Inc.  A 501(c) 3 New Mexico animal welfare organization. We envision a community in which pets are not euthanized just because they are homeless. The only way to control dog and cat overpopulation and the euthanizing of adoptable animals is by decreasing birth rates. Our mission is to create the first nonprofit, low-cost, high-volume, spay/neuter  facility for Southern New Mexico and thereby working to Build A No Kill Communities.